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Vernika Awal

Hi, I am Vernika Awal - a journalist known for my researched based articles that feature in various national dailies and this blog - Delectable Reveries.

I contribute to various publications like Mint Lounge, The Indian Express, Travel + Leisure, Zee Zest, New Indian Express and Goya.

I am also a brand consultant who specialises in social media platforms. Over the past five years I have mentored multiple homegrown brands to gain visibility through social media, along with taking regular photography workshops.


Almost 5 years back I began working on the concept of #DelectablePunjab through which I aimed to document the culture and cuisine from my home state of Punjab, in India. With more and more being talked about the state in reference to the new-age loud music and drug issue, this is an attempt to highlight the deep rooted rich culture, before it is lost to time. For this topic, I have been running the series on my Instagram feed under the hashtag, #DelectablePunjab.

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